The Virtual California Gold Country: Highway 49 Revisited Online

If you're interested in the California Gold Country, the Virtual Tour starts here. Browse through the online version of The California Gold Country: Highway 49 Revisited....visit the old mining camps, see the sights, learn their history, all without leaving the comfort of your desktop. And if you're planning a trip to the Motherlode, it's all here. The sights to see, the places to stay, what to do, and how to get there.

Introduction - A brief history of the discovery of gold in California.
The Mining Camps - Provides a detailed history of how the gold camps were founded, by whom, and how they prospered. Photos of the historic spots & attractions, with directions to them. Gold Country Traveler's information - local museums, lodging, restaurants, schedules of events, and points of interest.
Gold Rush Images - A window to the past, take a glimpse back in time.
Gold Country Links - Modern-day Argonauts will find this a gold mine.

Gold Country History Links - Additional information on California’s Gold Rush historic past.

The California Gold Country: Highway 49 Revisited
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