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The Body (of work)
Bibliochronology - A chronological listing of King’s published works, including cover images, a brief synopsis of each story, their major characters, and publication information.
(A work in progress)
Beers of the Books - The Beers of King.
King Characters - A fairly comprehensive listing of characters who have appeared in Stephen King’s stories, and the work they appeared in.
King Crossovers - People, places or things which appear in multiple King stories, thereby “linking” those works together (although sometimes shakily).
I Know What You Need
The Dark Tower - Oy!
Desperation/Regulators - Tak!
Something to Tide You Over
Randall Flagg’s Homepage
Richard Bachman’s Homepage
Night Surf (the web)
King Sites on the web
Sometimes They Come Back
The Uncollected Works of Stephen King - by Bev Vincent
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