Jacket Art by Dave Christensen

by Stephen King

“They’re in those houses,” Mark said tightly. “Right now, in all those houses.

Behind the shades. In beds and closets and cellars. Under the floors. Hiding.”

Ben Mears returned to ‘Salems Lot—a small New England town complete with white clapboard houses, tree-lined streets, and solid church steeples—hoping to write a novel, a novel that just might put to rest what had happened to him in the old Marsten House when he was a boy.

Unfortunately for Ben (and most of the town, for that matter), a nasty, blood-sucking vampire has arrived in the Lot, and taken up residence in the old Marsten House.

For Naomi Rachel King "...promises to keep."
Almost everyone thought the man and the boy were father and son.

Cast of Characters:
Kurt Barlow - Nasty, blood-sucking Vampire.
Jimmy Cody - A young doctor.
Danny Glick - Boy vampire.
Hubert Marsten - Previous owner of the Marsten House.
Ben Mears - Writer.
Susan Norton - Ben’s girlfriend.
Mark Petrie - One of the few survivors, “adopted” by Ben Mears.
Richard Throckett Straker - Barlow’s human emissary.

Publication States:
Trade HC: Doubleday (1975)
First Info: On CP, “First Edition.”
Trade PB: Signet (1976)
First Info: On CP, "First Signet Printing, August 1976."