Ah lah? - Collie asking the spiders where the people were hiding

Ah lah, him en tow - Collie talking to the coyote. It sits down.

Can ah wan me

Can de lach - "Are you thinking about God?" the cop asked. "There's no God in Desperation...there's only can de lach." The heart of the unformed

Can tah - little stone carvings, little gods

Can tah, can tak! - there are other gods than yours

Can tak - big gods

Can toi - "My children of the desert!" the cop said. "The can toi! What music they make!" Coyotes?

Cay de mun - open your mouth

dama - "the boy's dama started walking toward him" Father

damane - "as the dama embraced his damane" Son

En tow!

Him en tow

ini - well of the worlds, Tak's place

me en tak - possessed of Tak

Mi him - the watchman's circle

Mi him, can de lach, mi him, min en tow. Tak! - "come to me. Come to Tak, come to the old one, come to the heart of the unformed."

mi him can ini

Mi him, en tow! - our god is strong

Mi tow, can de lach - fear the unformed

Min! Min! Min en tow!

Os dam - derogatory term?

Os pa - derogatory term?

Os pa! Can fin!

pirin moh


si em, tow en can de lach - "we speak the language of the unformed"

So cah set! - an exclamation

So tah


Tak ah lah!

Tak a lah. Timoh. Can de lach. On! On! - Collie says and a buzzard comes down and attacks Johnny.

Tak ah wan!

Tak ah wan! Tak ah lah! Mi him, en tow! - Talking to the spiders

Ten ah?


timoh sen cah - certain low animals; wolves, coyotes, snakes, spiders, rats, bats