Jacket Art - Craig DeCamps

by Stephen King

“The Plymouth hit him squarely, still accelerating, breaking Moochie Welch’s back and knocking him spang out of his engineer’s boots.”

Time: 1978

Scene: a middle-class suburb of Pittsburgh.

Enter: Little Arnie Cunningham, a bookish and bullied senior at Libertyville High; Dennis Guilder, his friend; Leigh Cabot, the new girl in school, and Christine, Arnie’s dangersous obsession.

First off, let me tell you. Christine’s tough, a real moving unit, but she ain’t no Lady. She’s a 1958 Plymouth Fury, a white-over-red two-toned finned survivor of a time when high-test gasoline sold for a quarter a gallon and speed was king. She’s also alive and mean, a real killing machine, and it doesn’t take long for people to start dying on the dark, suburban streets of Libertyville, U.S.A.

This is for George Romero and Chris Forrest Romero. And the Burg.
This is the story of a lover's triangle, I suppose you'd say—Arnie Cunningham, Leigh Cabot, and, or course, Christine.

Cast of Characters:
Leigh Cabot - Arnie’s girlfriend.
Arnie Cunningham - A nerd with acne. Owner of Christine.
Roland LeBay - Sold Christine to Arnie.
Dennis Guilder - Teller of the tale.

Publication States:
Trade HC: Viking Press (1983) - True First Edition
First Info: On CP “First published in 1983 by Viking Press.”
Limited HC: Donald M. Grant (1983)
Lettered state
Numbered state: 1-1,000
Trade PB: New American Library/Signet (1983)
FirstInfo: On CP, “First Signet Printing, December, 1983. “1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9”